"Bwa pi wo di li wè lwen, men grenn pwomennen di li wè pi lwen pase l."

Project Goal

Document a series of interviews with Haitian immigrants and first generation Haitian American to amplify our stories using a variety of multimedia formats.

Project Overview

My name is Tamika Faurelus and I am a 18 year old, first generation Haitian American from Brooklyn, NY. I grew up surrounded by Hatian people and inudated in Haitian culture. However, I have never visited Haiti and, considering it's current socio-economic climate (not to mention Covid), traveling is not possible for many of us.

Yet, although there may be barriers to experiencing my Mother's land first hand, I believe that, to grow and reach my highest potential, it is crucial for me and other young Haitians like myself, to know our roots and understand our culture.

And yes, I understand that there are many books and documentaries that cover Haiti. However, I desire to explore, reflect and connect with Haiti's culture from the best source available to me; You, the Haitian Immigrant. I want to learn more about Haiti from the living memories of Haitians who have experienced the country and it's culture first hand.

I want to connect, memorialize, and celebrate the beauty, struggle and resilience of Haiti in a way that' is meaningful to me and Haitians of my generation. To go further, and to see even further we must often look back.

-Tamika Faurelus

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